Is this a pivot year for new bearings and bold plans?

We provide a framework to help you explore, define, and execute on your interprize, on your vision of the truly engaged life. Here’s how:


1-on-1 personalised coaching sessions, locally or via Skype, customised to your needs at your pace.


1-to-2 day group events (NASBA certified for CPE units) near you, focused on self discovery and the organisation of your grand ambition.


1 week life revivals in Provence for the mind, body, and spirit. A complete immersion (and time for reinvention!) to find your version of the truly engaged life.

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It’s about waking each morning abuzz with anticipation for the day ahead, … about working into the night, tired but still excited. It’s about creating something meaningful, something that plays to your strengths and fills you with adrenalin. Passion is the fuel for the pursuit of your grand ambition, your Interprize.


Commitment to a grand ambition demands most of our time and all of our energy. Without physical and emotional balance we quickly exhaust and lose our bearings.

A healthy diet for the body and soul, through positivity, kitchen confidence, mindfulness, online decoupling, fitness and balance, … these are key to an interprize that thrives and endures, and key to our philosophy and program.



Each of us is better positioned to achieve at least 1 thing than anyone else on this planet. It is simply a combination of our unique genetic abilities gifted at birth plus those distinctive skills, experiences, education, and connections acquired through life.

Power those assets with your deepest passion and you can set the world ablaze. This is NOT a pleasant consideration. It is your obligation and gift to world, …to understand and realise your purpose.

Interpreneurial Success Series

Meet Peg Conley

Peg has been an artist all her life, but took a long detour into the working world where she found professional success and was able to raise a happy family. Art became the thing she did mostly on vacations and weekends. But something gnawed at Peg, a nagging feeling that life might hold something more meaningful.

Despite a great deal of fear, Peg dropped her big job, big house, and big life and moved to San Francisco to create her interprize: a business based on her artisan stationery. From a handful of hand-painted cards, calendars, and posters, her company Words and Watercolors was born and has been inspiring people, winning awards, and raking in the sales ever since. Peg’s intention with her work is to inspire and her art and writing all speak to life’s great truths and those aha moments.

“The Interprize program is built on years of experience and touches on all facets of passion, balance, purpose, and structure required in the pursuit of an ambitious and meaningful interprize.” – Peg Conley


Peg Conley

Meet John Tracy

John is the consummate tinkerer with a curious mind. He’s a PhD physicist by trade and made his core-career mark in the tech industry, followed by acclaim in the wine industry, and now making a foray into the world of electric cars.

John was the founder and CEO of a highly successful startup called Opto Power in Tucson that made semiconductor lasers. He sold his ownership position during the boom years of the tech bubble and with his wife Deborah sought out real change, buying a large rural property in Sonoma County, the celebrated wine-making region north of San Francisco. The estate had been a working vineyard so naturally he thought, “why not start a winery?”, and Owl Ridge was born. The wall in the Owl Ridge meeting room is adorned with dozens of award ribbons and trophies, a testament to John’s ability to get the brand operational and competitive.

John’s most recent interprize is once again in a radically different sector, designing charging stations for all-electric vehicles like the Tesla model S and Nissan Leaf. He’s a true interpreneur who never stops asking “why not?” and pursuing projects of real passion and deep personal meaning.

Tracy face5

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Our philosophy at the Interprize Group is to share freely all resources on interpreneurship and related topics. The world is a better place when we all have the knowledge and tools to pursue our grand ambitions.

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