Your Eulogy Workbook!

What does your life stand for and who is in charge of that narrative? You and you alone? Because in the end, your life and the responsibility to make something powerful and deserving of it is yours and yours alone. Parents, spouses, kids, and friends play supporting roles, but you are the principal actor and scriptwriter, for good or bad. It is you who will be lowered 6 feet down in a knotty pine box, not you and the supporting cast.

swing-legacyAt your funeral eulogy who will speak and what will they say? What would you want them to say? What music will be played, where will this remembrance take place, and what will be imbibed and consumed? Do you want others making these choices for what is the second biggest day of your life (the first being at the opposite end of your span of years, months, days, hours, and minutes)?

I, for one, shudder at the thought of others picking the music for my wake. I keep a list of 10 favorite songs that I update regularly, and you should too if music reflects the varying moods and memories of your life. I also keep a short list of speakers who have known me most intimately through the years and will likely have some amusing stories, and I have a location in mind (no reservation yet placed).

This is not a morose exercise, it’s simply wise planning. There IS going to be a gathering in your deceased honor at some point and it could be soon, could be next year, could be next month. You should be in charge.

To help I’ve created an easy to follow Eulogy Workbook. It provides convenient sections for those important questions. Its real value, however, may be less obvious. After your first pass through the workbook ask: what are you doing now, with whom are you surrounded, and where are you living that is in harmony with ideal end-of-your-life story you’ve just outlined? Hmm, possibly time to reconsider a few things?

To access the Eulogy Workbook click here. It can be saved to your computer for regular updates.

Good luck!



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