The Sorbonne Gets Interpreneurial!

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The CELSA Sorbonne is that university system’s school for journalism and communications. I was on their campus this past week to give a half-day introduction to interpreneurship. While I have been leading annual seminars on technology commercialisation and entrepreneurship at the Sorbonne for the past 4 years, this was was the first time that I folded in those elements that distinguish the entre- and inter- of preneurship.

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Interpreneurship goes beyond entrepreneurship by asking participants to consider their natural strengths, acquired skills, personality styles, life values, and passions in the course of defining their Grand Ambitions. We also introduce the merits of optimism, durability and emotional balance as key to long term resilience. Through its application, interpreneurship guides aspiring dreamers to lead with their hearts, plan with their heads, and endure through balance regimes such as yoga (or whatever suites you best) and meditation.

Journalism is an industry in upheaval and ripe for change. This creates tremendous uncertainty and opportunity for professionals in the field. All of the CELSA Sorbonne participants were developing creative startup ideas, and while there wasn’t time in a half-day workshop to apply the principals of interpreneurship in real time, I’m hopeful that this introduction and the associated materials will help launch some of the NEXT GREAT INNOVATORS in journalism!

If you are interested in innovations and journalism, Steve Blank, a leading educator on all things entrepreneurial and originator of the Lean Launchpad method, was recently interviewed on the topic and had some fascinating insights. To read his interview click here.


At the Interprize Group we help you consider, frame, and execute on your Grand Ambitions; to thrive in a truly engaged life. Contact us to learn more.


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  1. Laetitia Le Saoût 3 years ago

    It was a pleasure to be your student during a few hours the wednesday february 11th. I really appreciate Schubert’s music at the beginning and the fact that we always need to value our positive emotions. It was like a pure breath in our enterpreneurial project.
    I think that we always forget the essential values of life for more productivity and money and sometimes we don’t know who we are at all and why we are always running everywhere.

    So thanks to you having put the things in right order.

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