Pisa Leans Toward Interpreneurship!

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To my students at the University of Pisa:

We just spent an afternoon together and I enjoyed every moment. You are indeed an impressive, enthusiastic group and I look forward to updates on your interpreneurial pursuits. This I will say about your fair city:

  • The food, oh god the food. It is delicious and inexpensive. Enjoying the bordatino soup and spinach-ricotta ravioli at Osteria di Culegna was a religious experience, and the women manning the burners in the small kitchen were real charmers. It was the start of what I hope to be a long and fattening food adventure in your Tuscan region.
  • The wine, oh thank you Bacchus. How lucky for me that a handful of you focus on wine studies at the university. Your recommendations for my glass or 2 of red at the Skyline bar post-workshop were extraordinary, a reminder that I’m missing so much but not drinking more Italian wine in France (don’t tell the locals I said that!).
  • The people. You citizens of Pisa – from the managers at the residence hall to the barristers at the cafés – were incredibly helpful and sympathetic to my gringo lack of Italian communication skills; a deficiency that I pledge to resolve this year! And my reception by you all and your administrators at the university was warm and inviting. I thank you sincerely.


Alas our afternoon together passed too quickly. I hope that you found this introduction to interpreneurship as enlightening as I found you inspiring. Beyond the interpreneurial process discussion that filled most of our time, did I convince you that bringing more optimism into your lives will help you live both longer and more deeply; that the single easiest and most effective tool for engendering this optimism is to seek out opportunities for gratitude; that adding flow experiences  to your daily routines will provide opportunities to test your natural strengths against your various passions; and that manna for the mind, body, and spirit is as important as a well conceived ambition model?

The professor that I am, leaving you without a homework assignment seemed entirely improper. So choose at least one of the following and enjoy. I’ll expect a full report at our next class!

  1. Start a gratitude journal, keep it by your bed, and make entries daily.
  2. Write a gratitude letter to someone whom you love or appreciate dearly. Send it to them or even better, deliver it by hand and read it.
  3. Add 1 flow experience to your daily routine: common options center around cooking, art and music, or some form of workout, but the opportunities are truly endless and particular to you.
  4. Add meditation to your daily schedule. And what you do to meditate is also entirely up to you, as long as it help clear the noise from your overtaxed mind for at least 30 zenful minutes.

In bocca al lupo with your Interprize ambitions and keep us all posted. Until next year, ciao!


  1. Leo 3 years ago

    Dear prof. Bill,

    Thank you for this nutshell summary of the lecture and great advice on the follow up activities.

    Greetings from sunny Pisa

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