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This week in the Life Leap Newsletter:

Empowerment: When the world serves you lemons, pick up your camera. Say what?
Passion: Give up? No way. Charles Bradley showed us all how success knows no age limits.
Wellness: The impact of art on our brains is still virgin research territory, but the benefits are clear.
Volunteerism: Some suggestions and useful links on how to help out in the wake of Irma, Maria, …

interprize-logo-highres-small2A Word From The Group

I participated in “The world’s biggest eye contact experiment” last weekend. When was the last time you sat across from someone – a friend or family member or total stranger – and just looked into their eyes for 1-2 minutes, no words, just pure connection? It is a profound experience and something I’ll write more on in the next few days. Meanwhile, … give it a try!

I’ll be in San Francisco over the final week of October, catching up with friends and family and preparing a few dispatches from the Magic Kingdom. Care for a drink or coffee? 



Land and Lens. Female Interpreneurship In India

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‘Screaming Eagle Of Soul’ Charles Bradley Dies At 68

BradlyCharles Bradley, the “Screaming Eagle of Soul,” died in Brooklyn on Saturday, Sept. 23. Known for a powerful and pained rasp that he used to channel both his demons and deep gratitude, Bradly released his debut album No Time For Dreaming, at 62. 

His late-blooming career success should serve to remind us all that it’s NEVER too late to find success in your great life ambition.

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Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream.

Hugh Hefner



This Is Your Brain On Art

brainThe brain is largely an object of mystery. One secret yet to be discovered is how the fragile folds of matter locked inside our skulls can not only conceive art, create it and contemplate it, but can also experience being transported by it, out of the head, out of the body, out of space and time and reality itself.

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How To Volunteer And Help After A Natural Disaster

natureThis article has little to do with the art of interpreneurship, but we felt it was timely given the state of nature this past month. If you’d like to help people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and Maria …, a good place to start is NVOAD, a network of agencies with more than 60 member organizations nationwide, of which roughly 50 are on the ground in Texas and Florida. “It’s a wonderful patchwork quilt of help that comes from so many organizations,” said Dan Halyburton, a volunteer spokesperson for the American Red Cross, a member group.

To learn more about how you can get involved click here.



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