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This week in the Life Leap Newsletter:

Change: Bill reflects on a year of goodbyes to some very special people and places.
Inspiration: Giving up the 9 to 5 for a more rewarding work experience on the road.
Creativity: Microdosing LSD is on the upswing to spur the creative juices. Should you try it?
Corruption: Does too much money corrupt the soul and lead to bad decisions? Studies suggest so.

interprize-logo-highres-small2A Word From The Group

It’s August. Hopefully you’re on holiday somewhere and not spending time online, reading things like this newsletter. But just in case, … we’re still digging up some interesting pieces for your beach reading. Don’t forget that new Life Leap Workshops are being planned for Charlotte and Charleston, and Portland and Seattle this fall. Free to the first 10 registrants in each region, … and certified for 8 CPE credit for you CPAs. You can’t beat that! Email us at for more details. 


IMG_0298A Year Of Goodbyes

To read Bill’s latest essay click here.

digital nomad

San Francisco Woman Ditches 9-to-5 To Become ‘Digital Nomad’

TJ Lee had a good life in San Francisco. A steady income, solid career path and creature comforts. But she gave it all up. Instead, she decided to explore the world as a “digital nomad.” She documents her travels on her YouTube channel “Cup of TJ.” 

“When I was working in tech, it was all about getting that raise, getting that bonus, getting that promotion,” she said. “When I started traveling and being a creative and working I was like I don’t know why I would need so much money anymore. I can sustain on this much, this amount, and I was way happier than I was before.”

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Do one thing everyday that scares you.

Eleanor Roosevelt




Turn On, Tune In, Drop By The Office

Every three days Nathan, a 27-year-old venture capitalist in San Francisco, ingests 15 micrograms of lysergic acid diethylamide (commonly known asLSD or acid). The microdose of the psychedelic drug – which generally requires at least 100 micrograms to cause a high – gives him the gentlest of buzzes. It makes him feel far more productive, he says, but nobody else in the office knows that he is doing it. “I view it as my little treat. My secret vitamin,” he says. “It’s like taking spinach and you’re Popeye.”

Could LSD be a key to enhanced creativity? To read more click here.


Being Rich Wrecks Your Soul. We Used To Know That.

We used to think that having vast sums of money was bad and in particular bad for you — that it harmed your character, warping your behavior and corrupting your soul. We thought the rich were different, and different for the worse. Over the past few years, a pile of studies from the behavioral sciences suggest that being really rich leads to behavioral and psychological maladies. The rich act and think in misdirected ways.

To read more about the downsides of big money click here.



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