What is Interpreneurship?

Interpreneurship is the pursuit of exciting life ambitions that inspire and endure. The focus is on personal achievement and self realisation. To learn more watch this 2 minute video.

passion. balance. purpose.

achieve your interprize

Interprize projects are as varied and unique as the people launching them: writing a novel, starting a winery, creating a line of greeting cards, launching a nonprofit … whatever brings an interpreneur a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction.

The art of startup creation is also fundamental to a solid interpreneurial effort, with additional elements for balance and endurance:


Defining the big picture for  your interprize ambitions: what is important and why, and when are you ready?


Identifying the strengths, skills and resources in hand, and those that are still needed.


Sizing the opportunity and characterizing the customer (maybe 1, maybe 1 million).


What you offer, why it’s valued, where it’s appreciated, and how you’re rewarded.


Mapping your model to milestones and planning its implementation and validation.


Adopting a wellness regime for the mind, body, and soul. No balance = no endurance.

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